Sex After 65

             Sex over the age of 65. Should people this old be having sex? I mean, come on, they’re old. Im sure that many young people around my age, both younger and old feel the same way about this strange topic. Who really wants to think about their grandparents having sex? Then again it had to have happened sometime or none of us would be here.
             During the last few years there have been many studies conducted trying to help the growing numbers of men and women, well past their child bearing years, who are wishing to stay sexually active. Studies have even shown that MOST older people want and are even able to enjoy an active sex life. It is believed this group of older, sexually active adults are actually the people who were so sexually active during the 1960s and 1970s. Even more studies show that more that half of people age 60 and older enjoy sexual activity at least once a month and would prefer to have sex more often.
             It is true that the ageing process does cause many sexual changes. These changes are no where near as extreme as many people believe them to be and many couples who experience these changes can soon adjust with little modification to the way they make love. Although health problems that can affect sexuality do increase in these older ages, even the most serious health problems should not completely stop a person from enjoying a satisfying sex life.
             Everyone has heard about the recent drug Viagra that has made such a difference for so many men who suffer from Erectile Dysfunction. In a global study, it was found that many mature women still want to have sex but many are unable because the men in their lives are unable. When interviewed it was found that out of the 27,500 men and women from 30 different countries, ranging in age from 40 - 80, almost half suffered from some sort erectile difficulty before the age of 80. But this isn’t the only cure for the struggling old man.

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