Should Americans Celebrate Columbus Day

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Should Americans Celebrate Columbus Day? On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus, a Portuguese explorer, landed on an island near Cuba, which he named San Salvador. It was the first time that Europeans reached America, marking the beginning of contact between Europe and the American continent. Before Coluimbus, Europeans had not known that American continent. After Columbus¡¦ discovery, Europeans started to settle in America. Some Americans think that Columbus Day should not be a national holiday. Howevcer, Columbus day should be celebrated because Columbis is the first European who initiated contact with America, who started to colonize. The continent later leading to European migration and to the modrniati Continue...

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Columbus is important in American history because he started to colonize the Indian people. Although he failed to establish a stable colony, his actions affected the other Europeans who later established colonies in America. Commerce in America ghrew fast because Columbus was the one who brought the trade that helped American economy, he should be honored in the celebration of Columbus Day. Should Americans celebrate Columbus Day The answer is yes. Because Columbus started the process of communication, Americans should honor him. Food in Europe and America traveled across the sea; Indidans exchanged gold for food, and this trae became known as the Columbvian Exchange. Because of the Europeans the America has became more modernized. Therefore, people in America should celebrate Columbus Day. Thus, they taught the European languages to the natives, such as English and French in North America, Spanish and Portuguese in South America these languages helped to unify the people. Therefore, they built tobacco factories to process the tobacco. The Spaniards found tobacco was a very good product to sell; people liked it a lot. Without him, America would not been what it is today. After Columbus' landing on South America, Europeans started to migrtate to America.