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In certain situations it is okay to violate the law in order to right the wrongs that have been made. For example in Isabel Allende’s short story “Clarissa”, the main character goes to the politician for love and in this case, to change the possible outcome of having two more mentally ill children. Clarisa justifies her relationship with the politician by saying, “That wasn’t a sin, child, just a little boost to help God balance the scales of destiny. You see how well it worked out, because my two weak children had two strong brothers to look after them.” This shows that the children she had with the politician were born healthy and were able to help take care of their younger siblings. By having a relationship with him, Clarisa prevented herself from the heartache of having two more mentally ill children. Clarisa, the main character, was born before the city had electricity, she lived to see the television coverage of the first astronaut levitating on the moon, and she died of amazement when the pope came to visit Continue...

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Together they had two mentally ill children that Clarisa took care of, by supporting them with the charity she received from other people. Clarisa then gets together with a wealthy politician who provides her money and later also gives her two healthy children. For example, one situation that Clarisa dealt with in an uncanny way was when she was faced with a stranger who was planning on robbing her. This robbery was one that definitely proved how Clarisa is able forget about the law in order to make things right. By doing all that she could to help people Clarisa was well respected and well liked. When Clarisa had the relationship with the politician I believe that it was okay, and she deserved to have a normal person and two normal children. and was met by homosexuals who were dressed up as nuns. Come into the kitchen, now, and I'll set the kettle to boil. Clarisa is married to an insane husband who has locked himself in his room. ' She went to her purse and took out all the money for the rest of the week. You won't be taking it from me, is that clear I'm giving it to you.