Addison and Steele

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Honors English The Tatler and the Spectator During the early part of the 1700's Joseph Addison, the Tatler and Sir Richard Steele, the Spectator, came together to write "The Tatler and the Spectator". Through their hardships of life they came about understanding what others were feeling and the actions that they took. They documented five hundred and fifty-five essays that were depicted from the world around them. They used the feeling of love to show about human nature and what it did to achieve its goals. Through stories, such as "Jilts and their Victims", "Country Festival", "For Whom the Bell Tolls", "Knowledge and Time", and "Reasons" Addison and Steele show what they know about life and the power they had publishing it. The two men met at a young age at the Charter House School in England where from their they became the best of friends. Through their hardships they ended up going separate ways. Addison went into politics where he became a popular figure in society.(World Book Addison) Steele went to the military where he later got knighted. In 1710 they were united when Steele asked Addison to join him in writing in the "Spectator".(World Book Steele) Addison gladly excepted and the two men would go out and Continue...

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He has to move to a foster home and becomes the bad kid on the block because he did not fit in with the rest of the kids. In this story a man becomes unemployed and things just start going down hill from their. From that day on the boys life had a complete turn around and he became one of the finest young men in town. This was a happy story yet a sad story. These men would move in on women who were on the downfall and they would bring them up. It starts off with a young boy losing both of his parents at a young age and from their the hardships of life control him. Men in these times would just use their women for their own pleasure and would not think of the real feelings of love. They started seeing each other daily and became very close. Their was one topic in particular that fashioned their writings and that was the topic of love. They also show that life can be published to bring us closer to what and who we are. This goes to that love is not a force to be reckoning with. Just when he thought death was the only way out along comes a woman who takes interest in this man. Love was portrayed as being good and bad throughout the writings. In this particular story there is a woman who had just lost her husband due to a work accident. The boy ends up living with her and she loved him as if he were one of her own.