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Poised motionless near the back door of the twentieth-century, we ponder memories of the past with a daydreaming stare. Before we turn off the lights and lock the doors of the twentieth-century, we take one last look through the century in which we were nurtured and our world lived for so long. The deep engraved scratches upon the walls of the twentieth century serve to jog our national memory to painful events as well as amazing accomplishments. After much reflective thought, we began to grasp how much our world has changed from when we first entered the front door of the twentieth century over ninety-nine years ago. America and much of the world have been industrialized, modernized, urbanized, commercialized and de-christianized. We have thrown out perennial philosophies, centuries old, which reveal timeless insights into the ultimate meaning of life. Noble pursuits of the changeless purpose of life have been lost among a passionate desire to be like the pop cultural icons of our times. Our attitudes toward religious faith have surrounded our nation with a mordant atmosphere. While our technological ingenuity has made our technologies the envy of the world; and the phenomenon of our pop culture has created lucrative Continue...

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Secularism, humanism, materialism, commercialism, and consumerism are the forces enabling pop cultural trends to successfully resist the positive counterculture pressures of Christian ethics that once preserved our national values. POPULAR CULTURE It appears that the last quarter of the twentieth-century will end with popular culture winning over every other culture of the planet. While at the same time the number of practicing Catholics began to decline sharply. There was no orientation toward experimental sciences in the modern sense, nor were there any scientific production methods. Technologies that brought us the printing press, the computer, and television are not simply technological systems which convey information, they are scratched mirrors through which we try to conceptualize our physical existence in one way or another. So it is not surprising that as clerical control diminished, the religious socialization of Spain's young people also declined. On the other hand, one may insist on the non-neutrality of technology, arguing that we cannot merely 'use' technology without also, to some extent, being influenced or 'used by' the technologies we created. For the most part, mechanical inventions were devised to illustrate science, to show the power of scientific demonstrations, or to amaze the public with little or no cultural impact. Our religious faith, with its symbols, images, and stories, provided us with templates for shaping human response to the world at large and to ultimately shape the world in which we lived. Through highly sophisticated technological systems, humankind is not only able to create new realities, but our technology has taken on a life of itself and is recreating humankind. Will we regain traditional religious faith, will it persist throughout the twenty-first century, and will it have some positive influence on our world-view Will our technologies eventually be the cause of the demise of our nation Will our pop culture eventually destroy our creative ability and innate survival skills and make us numb to the real purpose of life One can only pray that pride in our technological prowess, our worldly desires for the immediate and contemporary elements of our pop culture, and our infidelity does not negatively influence our world-view and lead our nation to a path of self-termination. Advertising messages are in all environments from grocery stores and streets to hospitals, bedrooms, classrooms and churches. It seems the only permanency of life that remains is the farm. It should be a requirement for graduation that our young people have to work the farm for one year. Our social technology involves the organizational design of societies, from the local to the global.


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