Shakespeare in Love

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Shakespeare as a Real Man in Shakespeare in Love Shakespeare has been presented in myriad versions, from the traditional to the almost unrecognizable. Directors and actors have adapted him as long as his plays have been performed. Some feel that without Shakespeare´s original poetry, audiences are robbed of the opportunity to experience the cleverness, poetry, and majesty of the language – Shakespeare´s genius. Others feel that modern adaptations don´t challenge viewers and offer weaker plots and less complex characters. Shakespeare in Love combines in a way both. The film applauds the brilliance of Shakespearean writing through the lines directly taken from Shakespeare, while at the same time exploring a fictional depiction of his true love and life. When you deconstruct the script, Shakespeare in Love is built in perfect Shakespearian form. Virtually a Shakespearean plot in itself, it mixes a great story with bits and pieces of history (whether fact or not); lies and deception; mistaken identities; a couple of swordfights; and of course a passion that can only end badly. For hundreds of years we have been hunted by the question: “Who was the real Shakespeare?” Literally thousands of pages have been d Continue...

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Shakespeare agrees that his marriage to Anne Hathaway, an older woman, has grown cold after the birth of their twins, and now, in London, hes desperately searching for his muse. iv)Another in-joke is about the six known signatures of Shakespeare. So, it is the performance of Romeo and Juliet that triumphs. The purists take up one side of the debate: they are convinced the orthodox view of Shakespeares life is correct. He also transforms the battle between two playhouses, The Rose and The Curtain, into the feud between the two noble houses of Montague and Capulet in imaginary Verona. edicated to uncovering the facts about Shakespeares identity, but even after years of debate, no one truly knows the answer to the question. The Anti-Stratfordians believe that Shakespeare was simply a "paid player (The Shakespeare Question). Nothing beyond conjecture is acknowledged about the missing years -- one of the theories assumes that Shakespeare spent his "lost years" in Lancashire as a servant in a chain of Catholic households" (Shakespeare and the Jesuits). He has filthy inky fingers, untidy clothes and an eccentric approach to his work. Shakespeare walks toward Wessex pointing his finger at him and Wessex, thinking he is seeing a ghost, screams hysterically and runs out of the church, a scene taken from Mackbeth and used here in different context and with a great comic effect. We see not a man in a reverie of creativity, but a real playwright, jostling with his actors, a real man, passionately bedding his beloved Viola. Regardless of whether or not the screenwriters intended to influence the literary debate, Shakespeare in Love creates a pop culture icon for a postmodern generation of Shakespearean fans, and challenges the scholarly existence of alternative theories by presenting the poets life in an entirely plausible (albeit not utterly realistic) fashion. In a twist of irony, it is Marlowe who gives Will the background to his character of Romeo, he who decides that the character is Italian and always in and out of love. The period is presented with great deal of accuracy and some important historical figures make appearances, they include Queen Elizabeth I, as well as historical figures of the Elizabethan Theatre - for example, playwrights Christopher Marlowe and (as a morbid boy) John Webster, theater manager Philip Henslowe, theater manager and actor Richard Burbage, or Master of the Revels (the government official who oversaw public entertainment) Edmund Tilney (Fakta a fikce). In the film, Shakespeare is an actor from Stratford who left his family behind and who eventually bought his way into the Lord Chamberlains Men.


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