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DIFFERENT LEVELS OF MOTIVATION AMONG THE TRAINEES OF THE SAME SUPERVISOR: A STUDY OF A TRAINING ORGANISATION By H.A.P.T. SENANAYAKE In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the course module on MBA 504 - Contemporary Management Thought of Master of Business Administration (Part 1 - Semester I) March, 1999 Registration Number 98/MBA/47 Acknowledgement I take this opportunity to thank our course director Mr. T.M Jayasekara and our facilitator Mr. Saman Dassanayake and also Mr.R.Senaratne and Mr.G. de Alwis our lecturers for the Contemporary Management Thought for giving us an opportunity to develop our knowledge & skill. I also thankful to all of my colleagues who have actively participated in my exercise and given their full corporation and help throughout the assignment. Also I am thankful for their views, comments and criticisms which have helped me greatly to refine my work and shape it in a proper manner Table of Contents Page Preliminary Pages 1. Introduction 1 2. Review of Literature 7 3. Research Design 33 4. Findings 37 5. Summery and Conclusions 46 References and Appendixes Abstract This research study examines the underlying reason for different levels of Motivation among trainees of the same supervisor. It was revealed from the findings that the work environment, routine work, supervision and administration process has caused de-motivation among trainees. Also was revealed that even though the leadership style was task oriented, subordinate-superior relationship was strong. It was recommended that there are number of steps that could be taken by the firm to improve the motivation level of trainees which would result in improvement in quality of work performance. List of Tables and Charts Table 1 Demographic Characteristics of the Sample Table 2 Responses Table 3 Responses Analysis Table 4 Categorisation of Research Questions Figure 1 Organisational Structure Figure2 Divis...

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