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DIFFERENT LEVELS OF MOTIVATION AMONG THE TRAINEES OF THE SAME SUPERVISOR: A STUDY OF A TRAINING ORGANISATION By H.A.P.T. SENANAYAKE In partial fulfilment of the requirements for the course module on MBA 504 - Contemporary Management Thought of Master of Business Administration (Part 1 - Semester I) March, 1999 Registration Number 98/MBA/47 Acknowledgement I take this opportunity to thank our course director Mr. T.M Jayasekara and our facilitator Mr. Saman Dassanayake and also Mr.R.Senaratne and Mr.G. de Alwis our lecturers for the Contemporary Management Thought for giving us an opportunity to develop our knowledge & skill. I also thankful to all of my colleagues who have actively participated in my exercise and given their full corporation and help throughout the assignment. Also I am thankful for their views, comments and criticisms which have helped me greatly to refine my work and shape it in a proper manner Table of Contents Page Preliminary Pages 1. Introduction 1 2. Review of Literature 7 3. Research Design 33 4. Findings 37 5. Summery and Conclusions 46 References and Appendixes Abstract This research study examines the underlying reason for different levels of Motivation among trainees Continue...

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But the members always tend to demonstrate needs which are congruent with the organisational climate, and these demonstrated needs may not be exact needs. In some cases, individuals evade a norm because they know it is weakly enforced. For example it has been very difficult to operationalise and measure Maslow's highest need, that of self-actualisation, often theoretically defined as seeking self-fulfillment or becoming a unique individual. All partners are actively involved in the activities of the firm in different levels and handles different units and services apart from main core business, i. List of References Appendixes - Research QuestionsGeneral Background1) Who would you like to be at the end of training2) Are you satisfied with the training experience received so far3) If not give one good reason you think for such4) Do you like the present training methods used by the firm5) State the thing you like most about the experience with the firm6) State the thing you dislike most about the experience with the firm7) Were you given adequate training before you are assigned for the first time8) Have you been sent to external training sessions9) Are you satisfies with the financial gain during the training period10) Is finance a deciding factor for you to continue trainingGroup1) Do you like to work with your colleagues2) Do they help you to perform your part of work3) Do they give you proper advice and guidance in an area where you are inexperienced4) Do they apply pressure on you5) Are you satisfied with the attention you get from colleagues6) Do they respect you opinion over a general matter7) Do you still like to be with your colleagues even if it does not relate to any business or work matter8) Would they help you on your personal problem9) Do you have any conflict with them regarding a business or personal matter10) Do you find it difficult to move with themLeadership1) Can you take a decision on your own regarding a matter related to your work2) What do you think about the leadership style of your immediate supervising member3) Does he give you enough attention when performing work4) Does he listen to you when you are suggesting5) Does he ask your opinion when taking a decision on work you perform6) Does his attitude affect your performance and quality of work7) What do you think about his nature8) On a scale of 0 to 10, where 0 being fully task oriented and 10 being fully people oriented, what would your rating be9) Does he listen to your personal problems, which could affect your work performance10) Can he handle work pressureMotivation1) Do you like the routine work you do2) Do you actively participate in decision making concerning your work3) Can you decide your own approach to a business problem at work4) Are you satisfied with the quality of the work you performed5) What is the best factor that could make you work better6) Are you satisfied with the administration process of the firm7) Do you like the working environment8) Are you satisfied with the basic facilities provided by the firm9) Do you think you will have a successful career after training10) What is the reason for you to continue work for the firm ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography1 Rao C. The important and critical values will be most heavily sanctioned, whereas matters regarded as less critical will carry light and informal sanctions. The values of a culture may change, but most remain relatively stable during any one person's lifetime. The week chosen was comparatively a less busy week for the all participants. The Company has been reputed of performing quality work and taking innovative measures in the fields of accountancy, management and related areas. The findings of this research would facilitate young dynamic professionals to work in a career developing environment where they can improve their means of training and professional competence resulting in quality work in the presence of meaningful supervision. It was recommended that there are number of steps that could be taken by the firm to improve the motivation level of trainees which would result in improvement in quality of work performance.


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