Rock Around the Clock

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When Diane Dupuy made herself a name by performing great puppet shows, she would get enthusiastic reviews wherever she went. Once Bill Cosby saw Diane’s performance and moved by her performance he told her to consider black light theatre for her act. With this inspiration Diane decided to combine her two interests, interest of this black light theatre that she did not know of and love of working in the arts with disabled people. She found the Famous People Players in 1974 on 110 Sudbury Street, Toronto, ON and from then on the company has been inspiring audiences with their black light theatre acts consisting of life size puppets and props that Diane’s mother herself made. I, myself thought the theatre was a great place and would recommend anyone of any age to go there. As long as you have the imagination of a child or once being one you will be amazed by the act. I am now going to write about three elements or aspects I found strong or weak throughout the act, Rock Around the Clock which is an act which plays different plays with music from the 50’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. One of the best aspects of the show I thought was the puppets. They were bright, c Continue...

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As I was saying before this act is as long as you have the imagination of a child or once being one, you'll be amazed by the act. Some of the dance was fast, and some slow. The only drawback to puppets is that you can't change an expression of a puppets face unless you make a new puppet and also that you can't change how they take because they just move their mouth up and down. The last thing I liked about the puppets was that how each puppet was perfect with their song as in the skunk pair in the love song, or the Poison Ivy ion the Poison Ivy song. Anyway I personally thought it was a great play and I would recommend this to anyone but especially to people who live through the 50's to 80's because they can fell like they are young again. That concludes my review on "Rock Around the Clock a presentation by the "Famous People Players founded by Diane Dupuy. From Elvis, to Poison Ivy the variety of the puppets also caught the attention of your eye. The dance was fast when there was action and slow when there was romance. The three strong things that were strong about this play as I have said in the above paragraphs are puppets, music and choreographydance. You could not miss them and your eyes just had to be focusing on them, what they were doing, and the show. olourful and because they were bright and colourful, they were very catchy to the human eye. The next thing is that the music always fit into what the actorspuppets were doing. You would get inspired, every time, of how different the puppets were.


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