Public rudeness

             Public rudeness or incivility is everywhere you look. It is the note someone leaves on your car for parking too close to the lines; it is the snapping at the cashier in the grocery store when she won’t take your coupon, and it is in the media. Look at Howard Stern, Jerry Springer and the like. In this country at present, it is becoming acceptable to be as rude as you want. This is the thing that makes me mad.
             Social progress in our country has slowed down by quite a bit. I have been alive for 18 years, and I can even remember a time when showing a woman in her bathing suit on TV was risqué. In the recent years, I have seen much more of the female body on TV than I have ever wanted to. TV and censorship is not really helping either. I have seen too many TV shows where the little “bleep” is heard more than the person’s voice. You can’t even understand the entire sentence because much of it has been “bleeped” out. If you have ever seen the Howard Stern show, you would know how much he degrades women, and when you do that on TV it somehow makes it okay. He’s been heard to say “I’d do you”, and that is probably one of the tamest things heard on that show. Even watching reality show rated TV14, you hear more swearing and see more sex than what a 14 year old should probably be seeing. My 14 year old sister knows more about sex, drinking, one night stands than I did at her age. We were permitted to watch the same shows too. I believe reality TV shows completely uncivil people at their worst. All you see is fights, sex, and drinking. But who is to blame for that? Not the show’s producers, because in America today we are turned on by all those things listed above. No one wants to watch The Cosby Show or Family Matters anymore. People want to see the raciest things they can. People enjoy that shock value it brings when you see Janet Jackson’s boob-flash on TV. If you think about it, even four years ago that would h...

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