Municipal Report & Jury of Her Peers

             People do whatever they can to get ahead. They would lie, cheat, and steal. The two stories “A Municipal Report” and “Jury of Her Peers” is said to have common plots. I do not find this to be true. Also the two stories attempt to reveal truths of human life.
             “A Municipal Report” was written by O’ Henry. What I took from the story is very odd. Truthfully I did not understand it. The intro starts by explaining geographical cities. It tells what relation the cities have to its people. Golden Gate city is badged as the New World. This may prove to be important.
             The beginning of the story starts in Nashville. A man, whose name I do not know, arrived by train. He explained the Nashville drizzle and smell. As sundown came he was on his way to he streets. He was then obstructed by a race riot. It was a company of Arabs and Zulus armed with whips. This made no sense. From there he walked down the street. In which all streets were uphill. He then saw Major Caswell. He was British and was smooth shaven. He explained he was a southerner. But not by profession or by trade. Later it is explained why he has come to Nashville. He said he had to meet Azalen Adair. Adair was a writer whom was wanted by the editor’s back home.
             The question I am supposed to answer is, which story falsifies human life? Writing a summary does not help. The reason for this is to show that I have read the stories. Still I do not understand them enough to answer the question. The story I believe falsifies life is “A Municipal Report”. It is very misleading. There is no point. The story “Jury of Her Peers” has a slight meaning.
             “Jury of Her Peers” was written in 1917 by Susan Glaspell. Here is a quick summary of the story. Martha Hale and her husband are taken by the sheriff with his wife to the isolated home of the Wrights. Hale tells the autho

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