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Seat Belts "Were they wearing seat belts?" That is the question, that police officers ask you when you are involved in an automobile accident. Whether one is traveling 1 or 600 miles, it is my belief that every person in the vehicle wears a seat belt. I have held onto the my belief that all persons in a moving vehicle should have a safety belt in proper use at all times. It has been proven over time and time again, that safety belts protect from ejection from the car. Many people choose not to wear their seat belts, and think that it is safer to not wear one. Maybe nothing will ever happen to the people that do wear on, but for unfortunate people that get into an accident, hopefully, a safety belt will help them. In September of 1999, 70.1% of drivers and front seat passengers on Michigan’s streets and highways were buckled up and taking precaution. In March of 2000, the rate of seat belt usage had rose to 83.5%.( Seat belts work by limiting movement of the body, when a vehi! cle has a sudden change of speed or direction. Seat belts also protects, Continue...

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Being ejected from a vehicle is one of the most injurious events that can happen to a person in an accident. Colleen was in such shock that she did not know what to do. If one is in a seat belt, it is highly unlikely to be ejected from the car. My belief has always been, wear a seat belt, and that, hopefully, will never change. Two close friends of mine recently were involved in a serious automobile accident. " The law requires that the seat belt be worn as it was designed. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. On March 10, 2000, the state of Michigan passed a law stating "Everyone in the car must be wearing a seat belt. Seat belts are the first line of defense against injury in a crash. Ejected fifteen feet away from the car, laid Alicia. Some people do not understand the importance of a seat belt. If everyone wore their seat belt, it is proven that fewer fatalities would be happening.


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Effectiveness of Combined Use of Air Bags & Seat Belts. (1988). Air bags vs. seat belts: Why you should care. Changing Times, 42(3), 67-69. Kidd, J. Steven. (2593 10 )

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