The Red Scare/Salem witch Trials

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From 1945 to around 1952, America endured the Red Scare. The Red Scare, the hunt for Communists, was epitomized in the McCarthy trials when many innocent citizens were labeled as Communists. In many ways, it resembled the notorious Salem Witch Hunt of the 1690's. Both involved fear, prejudice, and a lack of respect for civil rights. The Salem witch hunt was centered in Salem, Massachusetts during the 1690's. The thing most important about this is the time--1690. In 1563, a little more than a century before the witch hunts of the1690's, Queen Elizabeth legalized the killing of witches. She made a law stating that the first offense was punishable by pillory (public ridicule) but the second offense was punishable by death. James I wasn't so lenient. He decided that on the first offense, a witch must die. At this time in America, the New England colonies were recovering from a serious Native American uprising lead by the Wampanoag tribe. The Wampanoags had come close to eliminating the colonies in Massachusetts, Connecticut and Rhode Island until they were defeated in 1675. In the 1690s, the wartime atrocities were vivid memories. Witchcraft and demon-worship were centr Continue...

World War II had been a long, bloody war, and was followed by the cold war. Abigail realized that she couldn't have him and that the witch scare was getting way out of hand. If at any time during the trial, Abigail or any of the other girls said she felt cold, the accused was found guilty because of invisible evidence. In both, the accused weren't ever considered innocent once they were accused. All that was needed was a spark, and the fire would be uncontainable. So President Truman passed the Truman Doctrine which offered military aid to any country fighting Communism. She and her friends were bored with their Protestant life. They were caught by one of the girls' fathers, Reverend Parris. In the Witch Hunt, it was the time before reason and science when the Puritans were defending their way of life and establishing the new world. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography.