Samneric- - Human Behavior from Lord Of The Flies

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Samneric Golding’s novel, Lord of the Flies, is an illusive example of human behavior. His characters range from the mild and intelligent Simon, to the aggressive and fierceful Jack. In-between are such characters as Ralph, Piggy, and the littluns. By developing these three groups of characteristics, we can categorize most human traits. Yet some exceptions exist. Not all human characteristics can possibly be classified into only these three categories. Samneric fall under these exceptions. And so, we make for them their own category, people who allow themselves to be caught up in fear and hysteria. Numerous examples exist throughout history of people who fall under the Samneric category. The most commonly known is the “good Germans”. In like manner of Samneric, the “good Germans” allowed themselves to go against their natural good instincts for fear of unbearable consequences. In the early 1940’s, when Hitler was in power, Germany was divided. Several people rebelled against Hitler’s ideas of the ideal society and most of the rest became kn Continue...

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    A Character Analysis on Two Novels:
    .... apart, leaving Ralph with only Piggy, Samneric and the .... literature explores the nature of human beings and .... society results in an alteration of moral behavior. .... (3319 13 )

    Lord of the Flies
    .... personality traits as well as causes changes in behavior. .... personalities, the boys were joined andd named Samneric. .... of each of us as complex human beings." This .... (915 4 )

    Lord of the Flies
    .... the primal instinct of savagery that exists within all human. .... The boy"tms behavior is what brings the beast into .... Samneric see this body swaying in the wind and .... (1718 7 )

    Lord of the flies2
    .... His behavior leads to he death of Simon and Piggy .... of the Flies, for he exists within all human beings .... tribe at the other end of the island, Samneric were savages .... (2144 9 )

    Evil The Covering Over the Divinity Within
    .... are dove into, astounding effects on the human heart are .... in the book, Ralph, Jack, Piggy, Samneric, the rest .... as he is exposed to the amoral behavior from most .... (1966 8 )

    Lord of the Flies5
    .... think readers who are interested in human behavior would relish .... portrays the many sides of human nature, values .... next day Ralph, Piggy, and Samneric journey to .... (1469 6 )

Samneric get themselves so caught up in fear of what might become of them if they did not do what pleases the more powerful leader that they fail to be loyal to either Jack or Ralph. " Comparable to Samneric, the "good Germans" did not act independently, but as a whole society. Whether or not they believed what their government was doing was right, they were loyal in fear the tables would turn and their government would be against them. "Then as though they had but one terrified mind between them, they scrambled away over the rocks and fled. Through force and threatening, Samneric worked as lookouts for any intruders. In Chapter 12 Samneric are tested to see how loyal they truly are to Ralph. Chapter six gives a significant example of how Samneric and the "good Germans" are alike. Also in chapter 12, it reads, "You"tmre sure he meant in there The twins moaned faintly and then squealed again. They just went along with what they were ordered to do in pure uncertainty of the consequences. However, when Jack and Roger pressured Samne!ric to uncover where Ralph was, they gave in because of fear and broke their loyalty to Ralph. These people were mockingly called the "good Germans" because they did not rebel or put up a fight. He meant he"tmd hide in there Yes-yes!" It seems that once again Samneric catch themselves up in fear and hysteria. Samneric tell Ralph what they know that might be of concern to him, and also sneak him some meat. In the beginning of the chapter, Samneric are captured and become part of Jack"tms tribe.