Freedom Of Religion Means Any Religion

             Freedom of Religion, means any religion.
             It happened in Salem, and it is still happening. Religious prejudice is still thriving
             in the United States today, even though the first amendment of our country’s constitution
             protect those who believe differently. And it is a lot more major than some people think.
             In Salem, the prejudice was against what they called witches. The Protestants
             believed they were committing Heresy. Today people if all parts of the world still practice
             Witchcraft. Some of those people practice the craft for the religion in it, others just for
             the fact they want to call themselves “Witches”. Even if people don’t like it, and most
             don’t, Wicca has been recognized as a religion, and is on the move to being just as large
             Even if the Wiccan religion has been recognized as a major religion, the
             practitioners of it are still persecuted and taunted for their beliefs. People are afraid. They
             refer to witches as “evil” hags that they remember in the faery tales of their youth. The
             ones that would ride on brooms across a full moon with a black cat as their accomplice.
             Much to their surprise, the people that practice the Craft are not in fact, evil.
             Power beads, herbal teas, aromatherapy. All of these modern day things originate
             from the Craft. So when in fact people may preach against witches, they themselves might
             be consumers of what witches have started. And then, the people who preach against it,
             are actually for it. They themselves in the simple act of fixing a cup of chamomile tea for
             their head ache, power beads for luck, are practicing the Craft.
             The people that preach against are quite harmless. They’re easy for practitioners to
             brush off. Unfortunately there are the people who aren’t as harmless. They are the ones
             that practitioners have to worry about
             Gavin & Yvonne Frost , have definitely gotten to know those hazardous people.

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