Opposing Views, American colonists vs. The British

             Once upon a time there was peace between the people of England and the settlers of the
             American colonies. But as time went on and England began to take advantage of the
             colonies this great peace left and turned into a bloody revolution which would change the
             world. This revolution resulted the end of the great English power and the birth of a new
             country America. Before the actual fighting really started the relationship between the
             colonists and Great Britain was stretched out to the breaking point as the Americans
             Representation was very important to the American colonists. The Americans felt
             that they needed to be represented when issues were brought up that dealt with the
             welfare of the American colonists. England felt the colonists should do and act on how
             they felt. To England the Americans were a private gold mine. The colonists could only
             take so much before rebelling. The Boston Tea Party is just one example of the
             Americans being fet up with the suffocating grasp which the British held over them.
             Taxation without representation became a well known cry from the colonists that could
             The term sovereignty meant nothing to the Royal family which felt they had total
             control and overall power of the American colonies settled in the English name. But to the
             American colonists the term sovereignty meant they had the right to rule themselves as
             their own nation . Part of coming to the American colonies in the early days was the fact
             that you had certain freedoms that were not permitted in England. The people of America
             became used to these freedoms and were not about to change their ways when England
             needed the raw materials and the business.
             In England there was no such thing as a constitution. The word existed, but their
             was no piece of paper telling the people of England what rights they had and did not have.
             It was all knows in a sense by word of mouth. The Amer

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