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pollution Here´s a little introduction to this project. There are always two ways to look at something. There is the good way, which in this case would mean looking at all the positive effects that human intervention has created, These are very few if there are any at all! Also, there is the other way. This would be the bad way consisting of basic criticism of all the negative effects that human intervention has caused. These are quite a few and therefore we shall talk about them. Fortunately for the Amazonian forest, I am not going to write about every single thing connected to Continue...

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the negative effects on the environment, but I will talk about several cases, all connected some how to pollution. The first column shows the pollutant, the second one shows the major source (or where it comes from what causes it to escape) and the third one shows the comments who health guide lines. Pollution As we discussed in class, there are five main types of pollution. POLLUTANT MAJOR SOURCES COMMENTS Carbon monoxide (CO) M!otor-vehicle exhaust; some industrial processes Health standard: 10 mgm3 (9 ppm) over 8 hr; 40 mgm3 over 1 hr (35 ppm) Sulfur dioxide (SO2) Heat and power generation facilities that use oil or coal containing sulfur; sulfuric acid plants Health standard: 80 gm3 (0. Land pollution Air Pollution Here is my air pollution chart. 03 ppm) over a year; 365 gm3 over 24 hr (0. 5 gm3 over 3 months Nitrogen dioxide (NO2) Motor-vehicle exhaust; heat and power generation; nitric acid; explosives; fertilizer plants Health standard: 100 gm3 (0. 05 ppm) over a year; reacts with hydrocarbons and sunlight to form photochemical oxidants Ozone (O3) Form!ed in the atmosphere by reaction of nitrogen oxides, hydrocarbons, and sunlight Health standard: 235 gm3 (0. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. 14 ppm) Particulate matter Motor-vehicle exhaust; industrial processes; refuse incineration; heat and power generation; reaction of pollution gases in the atmosphere Health standard: 50 gm3 over a year; 150 gm3 over 24 hr; composed of carbon, nitrates, sulfates, and many metals including lead, copper, iron, and zinc Lead (Pb) Motor-vehicle exhaust; lead smelters; battery plants Health standard: 1.


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