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Mars is the fourth planet from the sun. It orbits the sun at a span of about 140 million miles. Looking up at Mars from Earth the planet Mars appears fiery red. The surface is almost exactly the same as the dry land on Earth. The time it takes Mars to rotate once on its axis is about half on hour longer than an Earth day. Phobos and Deimos are the names of the two moons of Mars. The atmosphere is cooler and drier than it was in the mid 1970's. Mars appears as a fairly bright, star-like object in the night sky of Earth. It moves through Earth's sky fairly rapidly, on a time scale of months. Because of the relative movements of Earth and Mars around the Sun, Mars appears to move backward in the sky for a short time around opposition, when the two planets are closest. As Mars and Earth orbit the Sun, the distance between them varies from about 75 million km (about 47 million mi.) at opposition to about 375 million km (about 233 million mi.) when the planets are on opposite sides of the Sun. This change in distance causes the apparent size of Mars to vary by a factor of 5 and its brightness to vary by a factor of 25. On February 25, 1995, Mars was at a distance of approximately 103 million kilometers (65 million miles) from Continue...

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There are six major types of clouds, which form in Mars's atmosphere. Additional analysis of the topography and gravity indicates that the northern lowlands were a likely zone of high heat flow early in Martian history, reflecting energetic convection of the Martian interior. Canyons on the land are another characteristic of the surface on Mars. (Time Life books, 1089-1990)The core of the Mars is made up of iron and nickel, which is similar to Earth's core. ------------------------------------------------------------------------BibliographyWorks CitedBeatty, J. The human exploration of the space frontier has begun. The changing seasons on Mars shape the ice caps and form their different thicknesses of some more than 300 feet thick. Belmont: Wadsworth Publishing Company, 1994. The heavy winds continue, until the sun is blocked out and the temperatures begin to lower, the fog then slowly begins to disappear. Whether cast out of volcanoes, washed down from the mountains, or ejected from a crater, the Mars plains with its reddish soil, seems to have been bombarded by rocks and more rocks. (Time Life books, 1089-1990) Mars surface heats to about -22 in the summer and about -125 at the South Pole in the winter.


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