Types of Homicide

             In today’s society, law characterizes elements of crime. Predominate
             crimes seen in modern day prosecution is homicide cases. Homicide cases are based on the
             fact that there has been a loss of human life. This loss is usually a killing by an act,
             procurement or omission of another human being. There are three basic types of homicide:
             justifiable, excusable, and criminal. Homicide cases play a major role in the work that is seen
             by law enforcement daily due to their wide variety of acts and different types.
             The first type of homicide that is permitted under law is justifiable
             homicide. Examples of justifiable homicide are the execution of a state prisoner or the
             killing of an enemy of one’s country in the line of duty. These may be considered justifiable
             killing for the good of society. In a case of self-defense, justifiable homicide is also present.
             In this example the person would be protecting themselves against harm or loss of life.
             Another type of homicide is excusable homicide. Excusable homicide relates
             to cases in which there are killings in a manner that the criminal law does not prohibit. It
             may also involve fault but is not criminal homicide. An accident resulting in the death of an
             individual without negligence is an example of excusable homicide.
             The use of criminal homicide in today’s convictions is based upon
             the fact that there has been a purposeful, knowing, reckless or negligent causing of death of
             one human being by another. Any homicide that cannot or is not characterized, as excusable
             or justifiable homicide may be considered criminal.
             One part that is apparent in most homicide cases is murder.
             With murder there is an unlawful killing of a person by another with intention of harm prior
             to the act. According to a description by common law it is the killing of one human being

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