Technology On The Rise

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Technology On The Rise We live in a world of industrialization. Things are changing by the second and humanity is learning to adapt and keep up with the times. There have been so many remarkable advances that have made society stronger and more knowledgeable. There have also been advances that have a flip side to them. Everything is becoming easier and more accessible in today’s world. Are we becoming too dependent upon the material items that surround us? Are we hurting ourselves and not realizing it? There are many things that people don’t step back and look at. Analyzing what is really happening is very important and we must do so. Modern technology is developing too rapidly because it is posing a threat to human workers by replacing them with machines, challenging peoples’ moral and religious beliefs, and eroding our ability to relate and communicate with one another. We live in a computerized society. Computer technology is advancing rapidly and many new forms of computers are being made. Most everyone has heart of robots with immensely large intelligence levels, but how smart are they becoming? In science labs around the world, scientists are already using robots to do work. Not just bringing someone Continue...

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We are researching the effects from cell phones on humans and found that they do produce radiation. Unfortunately, technology also has many different sides to it. This would be an amazing accomplishment if this were to be completed. a soda or a plate of food on a tray, they are actually building machinery and other robots. The net has become a very popular place and an easy way to access information. Companies are trying to make communication as east as possible. Electronic body parts still have a lot of work to do, but slowly it will be introduced into our medical world. Hastings Center Report, March-April 1994, 24. Technology is on the rise, but is it worth giving up so much and taking so many risks ------------------------------------------------------------------------BibliographyWorks CitedArthur, Charles. Still, there are just too man!y problems with cloning humans. A few years ago a wonderful new invention was introduced to the market: the cell phone. This is a serious matter at hand, and all the precautions need to be taken and made aware of. There is another major topic that does affect our morals. Scientists are programming robots that can do everything, but is this a good thing Sure, robots can do whatever they are programmed to, but we don't need them taking away our jobs. If we were to create human clones, they would have to be treated like real human beings.


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