Sony & Pioneer Company Comparison

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Introduction Sony and Pioneer are tow of the most prominent companies in the consumer electronics industry today. They are head-to-head competitors on many similar products in the industry also. Sony is a much larger and older company than Pioneer, with Sony penetrating many areas that Pioneer has yet to explore. Sony is about 20 years older than Pioneer. Sony began in 1946, and Pioneer started in 1966. We will be looking at the overall make-up of these two companies and how they stack up against each other throughout the paper. Background Information on Sony Sony was established on May 7, 1946. The company name "Sony" was created by combining two words. One is 'sonus' in Latin, which is the root of the such words as 'sound' and 'sonic'. The other is 'sonny' meaning little son. The words were used to show that "Sony" is a very small group of young people who have the energy and passion toward unlimited creation. Sony has 41 global sites across the world. Sony also employs 177,000 people across those global sites and that is a 2.3% growth increase in one year. Sony’s sales from last year rose to $57,109 million, which is a sales growth of 11.6% in that one- year time frame. Nobuyuki Idei is the chairman/CEO of Son Continue...

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They are using more advertisements on both TV and print media also. It is very interesting to see Sony take this approach, but I think they are on the right track. Sony has so many things going for them right now, and with their ability to innovate and take risks, I feel that no other company can touch them. They will even fulfill orders for you and your customers, assembling and shipping product according to your specifications. Unlike their past programs which typically lasted 3 to 6 months, the new Rewarding Recording program is continuous. Sony's top competition is Matsucensoreda, Phillips Electronics, and Time Warner. That is why they have stayed in their target market and not expanded. I think that they almost have a Nike mentality and want to just totally dominate their industry in every aspect. This project will soon be starting in New York with a 4 million home base.


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