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Nick Pourakis Marketing Dr. Priluck 10/12/2000 Coca Cola The Coca-Cola Company is the world’s leading manufacturer, marketer, and distributor of nonalcoholic beverage concentrates and syrups. Its world headquarters is based in Atlanta, Georgia. The company and its subsidiaries employ nearly 31,000 people around the world. The Coca-Cola Company manufactures syrups, concentrates and beverage bases for Coca-Cola, the company’s flagship brand, and also produces over 230 other soft-drink brands sold by and its subsidiaries in nearly 200 countries around the world. Some of Coca-Cola’s latest domestic marketing strategies include Coke dominating fountain sales. Thousands of consumers visit fast-food restaurants every day and Coke feels that it is very important to have the consumer see and drink their product at such chains as McDonalds, Burger King, and Domino’s Pizza. Coca-Cola is also testing a new plastic cup in the famous Coca-Col Continue...

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Coca-Cola is trying to convince the UK public that its drinks are best poured and drank from a glass, ice cold. These new cups were designed with portability in mind to better accommodate the fast growing takeout business at quick-service chains. Coke is also trying to become seen as more of a local company rather! than a US corporate giant. They are also coming out with a new curved can. They are focusing on four areas advertising, graphics, experientials, sponsorship and promotions. Having an involvement in European football's Euro 2000 and promoting an opportunity for kids to walk their favorite players onto the field before the game will target the under-12 market. Coca-Colas' marketing strategies are very affective and are going to continue to increase its market share. The 20-ounce cups will be available in clear or green plastic with a spill resistant lid. This will be compounded with the reintroduction of the glass contour bottle. They will reintroduce its' winning commemorative Coca-Cola classic bottles featuring the members of the Coca-Cola Racing Team. Coca-Cola's NASCAR promotion will be repeated due to its success and its internet presence will target an already booming market, the internet generation. Coca-Cola launched its "Enjoy campaign and according to UK marketing manager, Richard Harris, are trying to, "recreate the physical sensation of opening and drinking a cold Coke... Graphics are changing from the static, closed bottle to an open bottle fizzing out. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. Coca-Cola and One 2 One are teaming up for a promotion called, "Collect and Connect.


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