From the steam of sizzling hot fajitas to the taste of the cheesiest enchiladas, there is something for everyone on a Mexican restaurant menu. As you drive down the many streets of Houston there are a lot of many different Mexican restaurants but my favorite are Café Adobe and Chacho’s. While the restaurants are similar in the types of food they prepare, the difference in their atmosphere, menu, and service will assist the customer in making the big decision on which one they would like to satisfy their appetite. Depending on the type of mood the customer is in might also contribute to the type of atmosphere they choose.
             The most noticeable distinguishing character is the atmosphere of the two restaurants. The atmosphere at Café Adobe is one of the more formal types. Walking into this restaurant makes you feel as though you are walking through an Old Spanish vineyard. The sound of soft Spanish ballads playing in the mist and the water fountains flowing rapidly sets a calm mood. Each table at Café Adobe is set with a napkin, silverware and even some of the condiments you may need doing your time dining there. While on the contrary, Chacho’s is one of the informal, let your hair down and have a drink type atmospheres. Upon walking into Chacho’s you can hear many conversations going on, you see groups of people meeting there to have a couple of laughs and drinks; some of them having such a good time they seem to have forgotten where they are. There is adrenaline rushing Salsa music playing over the intercom system that seems to have the workers working at an even faster pace to prepare for your meal.
             Café Adobe offers you a variety of dishes that are more of the pleasing to the eye, with the parsley additions to spice up the presentation of the entrée. While the entrees that appear on the Chacho’s menu are more casual, and taste even better especially when accompanied by one of their delicious

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