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Powdered cheese, macaroni, butter, and milk combine to make up my favorite food. Macaroni and cheese can go with just about any meal, which allows me to enjoy it often. Hamburgers, chicken, even pork chops; macaroni and cheese goes well with all of them. Because of this adaptability and because of its easy preparation and convenience, macaroni and cheese has become my food of choice. Every time I feast on a hearty bowl of macaroni and cheese, I am reminded of the summers of my youth. It was then that my mother allowed me to help her with the preparation of my macaroni and cheese. I soon discovered that macaroni and cheese is one of the easiest of foods to prepare. Af Continue...

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ter bringing water to a boil, place macaroni in and wait until it is at your desired consistency. I personally have a steady supply of this cheesy delight in my room at all times. Once that is done you strain the noodles; place them back in the pot, then mix in cheese, butter and milk. I have now expressed fully my appreciation for the creamy, golden, goodness, that is macaroni and cheese. You can do many things with it; such as add chopped beef to it and make it a Hamburger Helper-esque meal. Others ridicule me for this behavior, but I have grown accustomed to it and am now used to having my macaroni and cheese this way. I have proven that it takes but three easy steps to make macaroni and cheese, and even a child can make this meal. As well as these additions, macaroni and cheese also compliment such foods as hamburgers, hot dogs, and chicken cutlets. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. This inexpensiveness is extremely convenient, especially for the college student like myself. Besides the convenience to make macaroni and cheese, this food is economically convenient because it will not lighten your wallet. You can even add ketchup, which is my favorite way to enjoy macaroni and cheese. There are exceptions to this, of course, but for the most part it will cost you about a dollar for a box, and you then have an entire meal. Now the only thing left to do is enjoy the meal that you just prepared. It is such a versatile food that I challenge you to find something else to compliment other foods as well as macaroni and cheese.


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