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I. Introduction In the past five years it has happened almost every september. It involved death, money, and willingness to die. It is very well planned, hidden and very effective. It can happen almost anywhere. Yes, I am talking about terrorism. Take a moment to think about terrorism. What comes to your mind? Airplanes that struck the World Trade Center in NYC, explosions in the Spain train, hostages in Russian small town school. You may start to think about Osama Ben Laden and Afganistan. All of these are very well planned terroristics attacks that seem to have no meanings and explonations. I want to ask you to use your imagination and think about what would it take for you to strap on a bomb and kill yourself along with many others? It is well understood that there is no easy explanation to terrorism. There are political views and religious beliefs that can not make people understand that there exists such a conviction that would cause a person strap explosives to their waist and want to kill as many people as possible. There is something else that makes a person become a terrorist. As I was researching different terroristic attacks that have happened in the past few years, I focused more on the one that really caught me off guard because it was an addition to all the terrorists attacks that happened around the world. It happened in October 2002, when 41 Chechen terrorists took more than 700 people hostage in a Moscow theater, demanding an end to Russia’s war against their homeland. II. Body Playing at the theater that Wendsday night was a hit Russian musical about the Red Army in World War II, so when masked gunmen burst on stage, the audience at first thought it was all part of the show. But when those gunmen announced that if the Russian Army didn’g get out of Chechnya they would blow up the theater, the audience realized that they had just become players in a terrifying real life drama. There were 22 men a...

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