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I. Introduction In the past five years it has happened almost every september. It involved death, money, and willingness to die. It is very well planned, hidden and very effective. It can happen almost anywhere. Yes, I am talking about terrorism. Take a moment to think about terrorism. What comes to your mind? Airplanes that struck the World Trade Center in NYC, explosions in the Spain train, hostages in Russian small town school. You may start to think about Osama Ben Laden and Afganistan. All of these are very well planned terroristics attacks that seem to have no meanings and explonations. I want to ask you to use your imagination and think about what would it take for you to strap on a bomb and kill yourself along with many others? It is well understood that there is no easy explanation to terrorism. There are political views and religious beliefs that can not make people understand that there exists such a conviction that would cause a person strap explosives to their waist and want to kill as many people as possible. There is something else that makes a person become a terrorist. As I was researching different terroristic attacks that have happened in the past few years, I focused more on the one that really caugh Continue...

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A documentary called "Terror in Moscow, which aired on HBO, shows what it was like to be in that audience when the terrorists litteraly seized the spotlight. The black widows was the nickname terrorist women were given for wearing big black dresses that covered their body and hidden explosives. Wouldn't you strap on a bomb and kill yourself if you were faced such conditions III. After the hostages had been held for 3 days, Russia's elite counter-terrorist force, Alpha, was getting ready for action. It was a moment of epiphany for me when I suddenly realized that the real reason for terrorism was a revenge. The Russian government had never had any intentions of negotiating and just before sunset on Saturday, the Russians launched a weapon to put the terrorists and hostages to sleep. Russian troops are involved in a war in Chechnya, where hundreds of children, women and men get killed every day. Checnyan Republic is considered one of the hot spots in the world. It was clear from the start that the Russian authorities, which have been fighting a war in Chechnya for the last decade, would never give in to the terrorists' demands. There were 22 men and 19 women among terrorists. The Russian troops entered the auditorium and shot the unconscious Chechen women, who were very easy to recognize. When Tamara has been interviewed on public television, she seemed like a very lost person who can not find a meaning of a life anymore. It happened in October 2002, when 41 Chechen terrorists took more than 700 people hostage in a Moscow theater, demanding an end to Russia's war against their homeland. During several weeks after the tragedy, she has been trying to kill herself three times.


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