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Death of a Salesman Plot Summary This play is about Willy Loman who is the main character. Willy has spent his whole life "way out there in the blue, riding a smile and a shoeshine," proud of his ability to sell anything to anyone and to provide for his family. Now he finds himself at the end of his career, and at the end of his rope. He's lost his j Continue...

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ob, the respect of his sons, and finally, his hope. Willy also starts to see his brother Ben whois dead. Biff is angry at Willy but he wants to please him. Lindaputs up with this and tries to help Willy and asks both Happy and Biff to helpto. Death of a Salesman is a good book to read i thought itwas interesting because of how Willy becomes all crazy and has his affairwith the woman . Willyhas an affair with the "woman. Willytries to commit suicide many times because hes unsatisfied with his life. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. Happy isWilly's other son and Happy tries to be like Willy in a way. Willy tries to killhimself with his car and he also tries to kill himself in the basement . Linda Loman who is Willy's wife and who is worried about Willyand she is very depressed because of Willy and the way he is. Willy starts to lose his mind more and more talking to himself and with hisbrother who is dead .