Annie John

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The dictionary defines a quest as “The act or an instance of seeking or pursuing something.” In the book Annie John, by Jamaica Kincaid, I find Annie John is on a quest. A quest for her “Morality and Sexuality.” In the opening scene, Annie sees people dressed in black in the far distance. She asks her mother what it is. Her mother tells her it is a funeral of a young child. Annie replied, “Until then, I had not known children could die.” Thi Continue...

Annie is also on a quest for knowledge. s is the first time I see that she is afraid of death and she sees that it is connected to the things she loves. Sometimes people do not complete their quest. When people talk to her she visualizes a picture in her head. Even though their relationship dwindles, we still see that they still love each other. Her everyday life is so challenging. But we never know why she builds so much hatred against her life. I feel that she deals with the issues we all deal with. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. She tried to figure out what happened between her and her mother but she is successful. Throughout the book I found that she struggles with her family. And as she gets older she disobeys her mother. She constantly asks her mother questions about the world and life itself.