The importance of Family Financial Management in Today's Society

             The Importance of Family Financial Management in Today’s Society
             Have you ever taken classes and thought in the back of your mind; will I ever use this information in the future? Why am I learning this, or how is this practical for my major? Most students at some point in their schooling have come across this problem wondering when or where they will ever see it again.
             I came to Ohio State thinking I was going to be a business major. I thought I had my mind set from the very beginning. I started out taking many business entry-level classes and found myself sitting their wondering will I ever use this in the future? It was very hard for me to learn math problems and economic situations when I knew in the back of my mind that I would never ever see it again. At that point in time I went to my advisor and told her my situation. She told me that she had the best major for me. She told me to major in Human Ecology. Human Ecology? What is Human Ecology? At that time she explained to me all about the major and today I am so thankful that she told me all about it. Human Ecology is the focus on addressing complex family issues in a changing world. The college offers six different academic majors, with three majors offering options for specialization. The six different majors include, Human Development and Family Science, Family Resource !
             Management, Hospitality Management, Human Nutrition and Food Management, Nutrition, and Textiles and Clothing. My major is Family Resource Management with a specialization in Family Financial Management. Today, I am going to explain to you the importance of Family Financial Management in today’s society. You will learn about its history and objectives, practical information, and job opportunities that the major has to offer.
             The College of Human Ecology at The Ohio State University offers one of the finest human ecology programs in the nation. It was established in 1896. In t...

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