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Male teachers vs. Female Teachers Who assigns more homework? Bessy Vilchez Cas 300 Fall 2000 Male teachers vs. Female Teachers 2 Abstract Assigning homework serves various educational needs. It serves as an intellectual discipline, and establishing study habits. The purpose of this study was to determine elementary teachers' amount on assigning homework. In elementary years, male teacher give more homework than female teachers. Male teachers spend more time making sure the student is learning what was covered in class by assigning more homework assignments. Female teachers give less homework, but their time is more emphases on going over the lecture. The distribution of the teacher consisted with fifth and sixth grade male and female teachers. Gender was a significant difference in determining who assigned more homework. Male teachers vs. Female Teachers 3 Introduction A teacher performance in educating a student can be easily demonstrated through their student ability in finishing an assignment and doing it correctly. Many educators believe that homework is most effective for children from fourth through sixth grades. An analysis based on the different habits, standards and personalit Continue...

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ResultsThe purpose of this study was to find out if there was a difference between fifth and sixth grade regarding who assigned more homework. ProcedureTeachers were asked to complete the survey during a five-minute break of their teaching routine, or if desired taken home and completed the next day. Female teachers spend more time explaining the subject for the student to understand it. Male teachers contribute homework as practice on a skill that was taught during class. Female Teachers 6DiscussionIn comparison between female teachers and male teachers, there is a significant difference; male teachers give more homework then female teachers. The researcher distributed half of the survey to a fifth grade teachers and the other half to a sixth grade teachers. Homework can help children in reviewing and practicing what they have learned. Female Teachers 4relates why they like to spend time on going over a lesson. The role of the homework assigned by the teachers is a study habit and it contributed to the material covered in class. MaterialData was collected from a multiple question survey. The survey provided information dealing with homework and contained eighteen questions, question dealing with homework. Teachers agree that homework is a base to increase understanding of subject matter.


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