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The goddess of war, handicrafts, wisdom and self-realization. The portrait of Athena found in poetry and art is exceptionally accurate for the Greek people as a whole, perhaps because Greek poets and artists tended, like Athena, to belong to society and civilization and not like Artemis, like the wilderness. Even the goddess as she was before Homer, the goddess whom archeology and linguistics must reconstruct, finds close reflection in Homer’s pages. When during 2nd millenium B.C. the Greeks settled the peninsula to which they later gave their name, they probably found Athena’s worship’s already established, in Crete if not on the main land. The pre-Greek Minoan Cretans worshiped a snake goddess who protected the home and who, like other Minoan deities, was thought to appear among men in the shape of a bird; snake and bird attributes as well as bird epiphany are especially characteristics of Athena as she appears in Homers and afterward. The Minoans worshiped their goddess in recessed sanctuaries in their palaces, her priest being the master of the house or, in palaces, the king. Then, probably, with the dissolution of the Mycenaean society around 1100-1000 B.C. and the migration of the Greeks across the Aegean to Asia Mi Continue...

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The obscurity of the Iliad on this point may be due to a dimming awareness at her motivation through the story of the judgment of Paris. In the most familiar story, she sprang fully armed from the head of ZEUS when HEPHAETUS split it open with an ax. To say a woman "rivaled Athena in handicrafts"(the Iliad, book ix, line 390) was high praise. She warns Odysseus not to assault Sarpedon and his unite, she descends to Achilles and in timeless moment convinces him not to turn his sword against Agamemnon. Greek and Roman Mythology A to Z, 1992Willian, Benton. Palladium (mythology), in Greek mythology, statue of the goddess Athena holding a shield and a spear. She fills Diomedes"tms heart with power; she gives him vision to see what is Mortal and what is Divine; she strengthens him when he is wounded. The Romans, tracing their ancestry from the Trojans, believed that the Palladium, which was kept at Rome in the temple of Vesta, goddess of the hearth, was the Trojan original, brought to Italy by the hero Aeneas after the sack of Troy. In token of her grief, Athena the set the nymph"tms name before her own, and is often known as Pallas Athena. In the tenth year of the Trojan War the Greek heroes Diomedes and Odysseus stole the Palladium, thus facilitating the fall of Troy. This makes it easier to understand why the war delty should be a female: in Greek religion, as in medival chivalaric romance, "the unflagging will victory .