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Pollution: Land and Noise. There has been a great concern on earth’s ailing condition especially when effects of man’s inadvertent progression in the world of science and technology created a network of environmental problems. Thus the word ‘pollution’ comes to mind. In this essay, I would be looking at environmental pollution particularly, land and noise pollution, how are they evolved and what can be done to curb the problem from aggravating. I think it is very important for people to realize that different types of pollution such as water, air and soil are not inconsequential of one other. In fact, each of the parts of an environment – air, water, soil – depends upon the others and the flora and fauna within the environment. The relationships among all living and non-living things in an environment make up an ecological system, known as the ecosystem. All the ecosystems of the earth are interdependent. Thus, pollution that seems to affect only one part of the environment may also affect other parts. I would now look at the first of the two types of pollution that I would be concentrating on for this essay - land pollution. Land pollution is the degradation of the Earth's land through human misuse of the soil. Continue...

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Fertilizers and pesticides can limit the ability of soil organisms to process wastes. The noise was very disturbing and unbearable especially during examination period. Another aspect of land pollution includes deforestation, the stripping of forests and rich soil to build cities and urban areas. This shows how little humans know about their impacts on the survival of our ecosystem and most are unaware of the difficult disposal of trash. Once again the benefits of a new factory have to be weighed against the disturbance to the local inhabitants, and if necessary, offer some compensation to those affected. Careful management of sanitary landfills, such as daily coverage with topsoil, has stopped most of the problems of open dumping. It includes paper, plastic, bottles and cans, food scraps, and garden trimmings. Whatever the reason, there is far less pressure on the railways to reduce their noise, than for road vehicles, and aircraft. Environmental pollution has been difficult to control simply because no single person or nation owns the earth"tms global resources. But otherwise, it still remains a noise problem as I had once experienced it first-hand while studying in Gan Eng Seng, which is situated beside the Tanjong Pagar railway station. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography1)Balckbirch Staff, Beating Pollution, Henry Holt New York 19962)Gold, Susan Dudley. Farmers can also use alternatives like releasing insects or bacteria that prey upon the pests, rather than spraying their crops with harmful pesticides. There are however, specific guidelines that the government has developed, under the guidance of engineers, to estimate the number of people likely to be affected by an industrial noise. Like pesticides, they are long-lasting and can spread through the environment.


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