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Two Kinds, by Amy Tan

TAN DEMONSTRATES THROUGH THE USE OF THE NARRATIVE POINT OF VIEW, JING-MEI’S PERSUASION NOT TO SUCCEED IN “TWO KINDS” Throughout out the short story “Two Kinds”, Amy Tan demonstrates through the use of the narrative point of view, Jing-Mei’s persuasion not to succeed. The young protagonist in the short story came to the difficult realization that the person who her parents wanted her to be is not what she was, and she blamed everything that happened to her on her mother. This short story contains believable characters that go through hard times trying to make a prodigy out of a child who thought that she was trying hard to please her mother. In actual fact, she did everything in her capacity to make herself not become a child who her parents could look up to. Throughout the short story Jing-Mei demonstrations how she attempts to make her life more difficult by doing everything in her power not to succeed, even though she is aware how much her success would mean to her mother. To attest to this, she mocks the mental and physical training administrated by her mother to improve her distinctn! ess, the futileness of the piano lessons by the deaf teacher, the incident in front of the church when her mother boasts of her piano expertise, and then when she instigates a fight with her mother after the recital. Tan demonstrates Jing-Mei abstinence through the narrator’s point of view. Regardless of the mother’s attempts to strengthen Jing-Mei’s physical and mental character by developing quizzes on the capitals, various bible readings and by learning how to accomplish fast multiplications, Jing-Mei only mocks her mother and does not attempt to learn. Never making an attempt to memorize them. She convinced herself to become bored with what she was doing, distracted herself easily hoping to illustrate to her mother that the exercises were futile. This allowed Jing-Mei the window of opportunity to not even bother to try....

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