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UCF:“why do you want to attend UCF” It is my sincerest wish to attend the University of Central Florida. This is because UCF is a phenomenal institution of education. The university offers high-quality student development education that provides services that enhances the intellectual, cultural, environmental, and economic development of all its students. UCF offers so much more of a superb education by integrating curriculum, student development, and support services into a unique UCF EXPERIENCE that makes the education at UCF distinctive from that offered by other universities. In addition, the university has the responsibility of assisting in the economic development of the central Florida region, especially in the areas of high technology, electronics, and Continue...

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UCF"tms 1,415-acre campus provides a safe and serene setting for learning while modern, new facilities house the latest in technology and innovation. As well UCF"tms Recreation and Wellness Center includes 10,000 square feet of fitness and cardio space, an indoor track, four basketball courts, three group exercise rooms, and a 41-foot climbing wall. This is one of the greatest reasons I wish to attend UCF. And if my dreams are accomplished some time in the future I"tmll be running a successful business of my own and apply all my learning"tms to advance and progress a very successful company and personal life. I believe I have a great deal to offer. tourism in it shelf show what a terrific school UCF is not only to students but to the community. Of the other Florida universities UCF is just 13 miles east of downtown Orlando Making it a perfect school to allow native central Florida student to live in or visit their families and friends. program allows students to apply advanced theoretical concepts and knowledge from all functional areas of business through an analytical, decision-making process, which focuses on solving practical every day problems.


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