Does TV effect my grades?

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Does television effect my grades? Yes it does, most definitely. Some of the parents that is meeting with Mrs. Bobby seem to think that it absolutely does not have any effect on their child’s grades. Most of the parents of the eighth grade students at BMS strongly know that it does change their children’s grades. I know for a fact that television effects my grades. It makes them worst because when I’m watching TV I could be studying or doing my homework. With me watching television, in class I could b Continue...

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e thinking about what is going to happen next with the show I was watching instead of listening to the teacher. Even though, I love watching television, It makes my grades worse. I know that it effects my grades because it has happened to me before. Them twelve zero's made my grade a D or an F in everyone of my classes. Everyday for 12 days I decided to watch TRL instead of studying or homework. Although I only skipped your homework, you still may fail the eighth grade because of the D's or F's on one report card. When I rejected my work that made me go to summer school and that F in Algebra 1 goes with me to High School. Let's say that one-day I decided not to do my homework but instead I would watch my favorite television show TRL. Bobby and all the parents now have agreed with me that television does effect children's grades. See what I mean My grades then dropped like a bad habit. It was having a marathon for 12 days. I would rather not watch TV then get bad grades in school. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. That F that went with me to high school was like as bad as dying.


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