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CONSUMER AWARENESS INTRODUCTION Modern business is an integral part of current day society. Each company has as a socio-economic impact on the people and has to deliver the goods and services and the standard of living as per the aspirations of the people. It has a great social responsibility towards the well being of society. Therefore consumer is an important component of society and business has an obligation to him. But, when the goods are short in supply the producers charge high prices and consumers have no choice other than to purchase what is available. Therefore, consumer is to be protected from unsafe products, poor quality of goods and services, high prices, unfair trade practices and misleading advertisements. Therefore, it is necessary for an awareness to prevail amongst the consumer to protect them from unscrupulous trade practices and to give them the idea of the utility of money spent by them. Consumer occupies a supreme position in a free economy. But, he never received the attention he deserves. In a country like India, he is not the ¡¥sovereign¡¦ but a ¡¥slave¡¦. The welfare of the consumer lies in the fulfillment of his normal and legitimate expectation with regards to the goods and serv Continue...

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N To educate consumers in fighting out their cases. The company's team of quality control managers will check retail outlets in Maharashtra and replace all questionable stocks. Bills have been passed to ban smoking in public places and to prohibit sale of tobacco products to minors. The IBWA's primary aim is to asure that safe, clean, good bottled water is produced and marketed to consumers. This is because there are no means to check surrogate advertising and due to lack of measures taken by NGOs. The pressure may be moral, legal or economic. The normal selling price should be included in the claim. N The right to seek redressal against unfair trade practices or unscrupulous exploitation of consumers. It is now realized that a common consumer is neither knowledgeable nor well informed. N The right to be heard and to be assured that consumers interests will receive due consideration at appropriate forums. Advertisements are no doubt an important source of information as they help to inform consumers about the availability of different products before making their choice. ' to create awareness among consumers about their rights and to educate traders about their responsibilities. Many consumer protection agencies have been established all over the country. N To write columns in newspapersmagazines on topics relating to consumer rights.


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