Why Get Pierced?

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Abstract Piercing one’s body has become a popular fad in today’s culture. But for some people, they don’t know why they get a hole put through them. They just seem to do it out of boredom, or just the pure fun of doing something different. It seems like piercing is a part of today’s culture, just like tattoos and dyed hair. It’s just another way for people to change how they look, how they feel, and how others perceive them. The purpose of this study is to try and get a better understanding of why people get pierced. Little was found, but it helps break some ground into this area. Introduction The phrase "every body's doing it" seems to be an excuse for almost anything we do these days. Whether we cut our hair wrong, wear the wrong color, or do something totally stupid, we easily laugh away the embarrassment with the phrase that everybody is saying. In fact, the phrase itself has become a fad. Why do we as a society tend to do things just because everyone else is doing them? Perhaps people are all blindly following because we have not figured out exactly what we ourselves want to be doing. People follow fads because it is easier for them to identify with other people when they are all alike. However, as peopl Continue...

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It helps them feel like they are more there own person, rather than just another face in the crowd. Why did you choose to get pierced5. Many feel that body modification is another form of individuality. The majority of the people that took the survey said they wanted more holes. If there is anything else you would like to add that you think would be relevant, please leave your comments here. For a few years I have had my ear pierced, but then I decided to get something on my face. But there were a few things that I have taken in mostly from observation. ConclusionVery little information was found from the surveys. They want to change their appearance, just like when someone cuts or dyes their hair. "Another interesting thing that came from this was that once someone gets pierced once, they usually don't stop there. They branch out with something different, and slowly but surely, everyone begins to follow because according to them, everybody is doing it. They also use it to express themselves, whether it be the way they feel, what they believe in, or whatever they may use it for. Other reasons were because they are addicted to piercing, because they think it feels good, it's not as permanent as a tattoo, it makes them unique, and my personal favorite, to "rebel against parents. People move from being a trend follower to a trendsetter.


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Bar-Yosef also reports on pierced marine shells, probably worn as jewelry, found in caves in the Levant (Bar-Yosef, 1993, p Neanderthal hunters get to the point (1672 7 )

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