Vacation at the beach

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When reflecting on a significant tradition in my life, I feel sand surrounding my feet and sun rays tanning my body. I hear waves crashing into the shore. I see seagulls flying above, looking for their next prey, dolphins jumping out of the water, and ocean water as far as the eye can see. My most significant tradition is my family vacation to Myrtle Beach with my father, stepmother, stepsister, and sister. My mother and father divorced five years ago. I took the news very hard. I was very hurt and refused to speak to my father for a very long time. My father, three years later, decided to get remarried. I at the time was not ready for a stepmother and most certainly not a stepsister. I never considered them to be a part of my family. My father and stepmother planned a family vacation to Myrtle Beach in the summer of 2003 in an attempt to reunite our family. I was very reluctant to go, so I took my boyfriend along, trying to escape any family “togetherness” time. No one else in my family took a friend along so it was if I was paying more attention to Taylor the whole trip rather than my family. At the end of the trip my feelings were still the same toward my new family. For the upcoming year of 2004 my sister was planning on Continue...

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I had graduated from high school, moved out on my own, and really had started to realize how important family is to me. Once again my uneasiness was overcome with warmth from the new members of my family. I put all of my trust into my stepsister and just held her hand the whole way. I felt the feeling of reluctance once again. I have learned to always give people a chance and to not hold things against them that they have no control over. After a few hours of talking to my stepsister and laying out on the beach with her I felt as though she was one of my best friends. After a 12 hour shopping day we raced home after realizing that my father had been left at home by himself all day with no one to eat dinner with nor enjoy his vacation with. From the moment we stepped into the car we were all just being goofy, laughing at each other, and just having a wonderful time. We all thought he would be upset with us but to our surprise he was just happy that we all had a chance to spend quality time together. A year had gone by since our last meeting and I felt I had matured a lot. This was a real turning point for me. Although I had no desire to go parachuting I saw this as a chance for Mindy and I to experience something special together. However, I made the decision to not bring anyone so I would have the opportunity to get to know my stepsister and stepmother. I was scared I would feel the same way as the previous year and yet excited to finally open up my heart to the new members of my family.


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