Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

             The most severe and most well known type of muscle disease is the duchenne dystrophy. This disease strikes children between the age of 2-6. Progressive disease usually confines it's victims to wheelchairs by their teenage years. This disease is a name for several types of inherited muscular diseases that cause the skeletal muscles to slowly waste away. Ironically, it often appears that the muscles are enlarged. But the enlargement is due to fat deposits. The actual muscle fibers waste away.They are caused by a defect in one or more of the genes that control muscle structure and function. Some types are inherited as a dominant gene abnormality, while others are inherited as a recessive gene abnormality or x linked recessive gene abnormality. In this case in a x linked abnormality, the gene is on the x chromosome.The genetic abnormality is located on a segment of the x chromosome called (XP21). This is one of the pairs that determines the person's sex.
             The earliest symptoms are usually double vision, drooping eyelids, inability to smile,slurred speech, and difficulting swallowing. Diagnosis depends on the distribution of weakness and the patient's medical history, which characteristically includes episodes of weakness during exertion followed by a relatively rapid recovery. The patient may also be given the tensilon test (if a drug that increases the strength of neuromuscular transmission improves the patient's condition, the disease is probaly present). Additionally, patient's may undergo electro-physiologic testing. The early manifestations of Duchenne include:
             * Running with excess limb motion and without much foward movement
             * Frequent falls and difficulty rising from the ground
             Later in the course of the disease, muscle wasting, a waddling gait, and curved posture also become evident.But in the muscle disease victims tests rev

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