The Role of religion in a Civilized Society

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The Role of Religion in a Civilized Society. For many societies, religion is best understood at the level of spiritual life. For a large number of persons in modern societies religion is neither good nor bad but simply irrelevant, given the many alternative ways to find meanings in various forms cultural pursuits, ethical ideals, and lifestyles. As defined, religion is the beliefs and worship of people opinion concerning the existence, nature and divine involvement in the universe and human life. In a society religion has always been the cause of divine involvement. > >Religion, like any institution can have a positive or a negative impact on society. Its special place in our society whose sole official purpose is the ethics and morals of humanity that gives it its awesome responsibility. In that responsibility, the majority of religious leaders have fai Continue...

Our society's religion is divided into two groups, the seculars and the fundamentalists. Religion is indeed important in a society because people in general are ignorant to the fact that discussion about it isn't discussed in public schools, universities and amongst individuals. On the other hand the fundamentalist claim God has a place in this world, but they simply take their doctrine and call it God, doctrine often as rooted in local cultural mores as the degenerate hedonism of the seculars. The seculars have decided that right and wrong are what the society say it is. The advantages of religion in a civilized society are that it makes religiously based convictions a better spring board for action. It is a fact of history that people with deep religious convictions are willing to endure greater difficulties and make greater difficulties and make greater sacrifices in pursuit of their religious ideals than those who attachment to their ideal is based on purely rational calculation. The world would be in total chaos without some form of morals, ethics and religion. Religion plays a pivotal role and without it where would we be Religious leaders and their faith in God has kept many nations from faltering. In our society religion plays its role in many ways. It has a significant effect on happiness and an overall sense of personal well-being. Many people in today's society are secular in their outlook upon the world. Persons such as these are the seculars. To add, the fundamentalist accepts the need for an independent standard of morality, their morality.