Is The Entrepreneur just another manager

             What are Entrepreneurs like? What are Managers like? Entrepreneur and Manager are there any different between those two persons? The purpose of this assignment is to conduct conceptual literature search and discuss the arguments, views, opinions and ideas set against the thesis question “The Entrepreneur is just another manager.” To find out the answer, therefore it is important to grasp is there any difference between entrepreneur and manager.
             Written by Paul Thorne In the new general manager, he defined manager as a person who takes a piece of business and accepts the responsibility for producing a profit from it. They are ambitious, work driven, capable and for the most part, highly analytical. They are often left very much to their own devices, with limited specialist advice. According to Doug Richardson (CEM1998), Manager job is to manage the organisation. Management is the process of setting and achieving the goals of the organisation through the functions of management: planning, organising, directing (or leading), and controlling. Yet a manager must also plan, organise and control.
             On the other hand, entrepreneur is the dreamer, the visionary. The entrepreneur loves change. In Mastering enterprise stated that entrepreneur convince others that they are where the action is. Entrepreneurs somehow know how to lead an organisation and give it momentum. In the book In innovation and entrepreneurship (1985) by Peter Drucker, he stated that in United States, for instance, the entrepreneur is often defined as one who starts his own, new and small; business. Indeed the courses in ‘entrepreneurship’ that have become popular of late in American business schools are the linear descendants of the course in starting one’s own small business that was offered thirty years ago, and in many cases, not very different.
             Compare between Manager and Entrepreneur
             >From the Merriam - Webster dictionary it defines entrepreneur as ...

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