Is The Entrepreneur just another manager

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Introduction What are Entrepreneurs like? What are Managers like? Entrepreneur and Manager are there any different between those two persons? The purpose of this assignment is to conduct conceptual literature search and discuss the arguments, views, opinions and ideas set against the thesis question “The Entrepreneur is just another manager.” To find out the answer, therefore it is important to grasp is there any difference between entrepreneur and manager. Define Manager Written by Paul Thorne In the new general manager, he defined manager as a person who takes a piece of business and accepts the responsibility for producing a profit from it. They are ambitious, work driven, capable and for the most part, highly analytical. They are often left very much to their own devices, with limited specialist advice. According to Doug Richardson (CEM1998), Manager job is to manage the organisation. Management is the process of setting and achieving the goals of the organisation through the functions of management: planning, organising, directing (or leading), and controlling. Yet a manager must also plan, organise and control. Define Entrepreneur On the other hand, entrepreneur is the dreamer, the visionary. The entrepreneur loves Continue...

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In Mastering enterprise it stated that Entrepreneurs seem to be achievement oriented, like to take responsibility for decisions and dislike repetitive, routine work. com guide to management http:management. They are able to take a long-range point of view because they are building their own identities through their enterprise. John Reh, Professional management vs entrepreneurial management,About. By contrast the manager who is introduced from the outside often finds these assumptions to be the very thing that he or she wants to change in the attempt to 'rationalise' the organisation and make it more efficient. But you can't be a successful entrepreneur unless you manage, and if you try to manage without some entrepreneurship you are in danger of becoming a bureaucrat. As what Drucker has said In the world according to Peter Drucker when they ask him " There are managers and there are entrepreneurs, but that the twoare not the same Yes and no, Drucker replied "You see there is entrepreneur work and there is managerial work. This orientation is the most important when other opportunities have diminishing returns accompanied by rapid changes in the environment such as: technology, consumer economies, social values, or political rules. To distinguish between an entrepreneur and an manager, Philip A Wickham (Strategic Entrepreneurship,1988) suggest that they should be compare in terms of what they manages, how they manage, their effectiveness and the effect they have as a manager, not the particular tasks they undertake. Peters, (1998) Entrepreneurship, 4th edition, Irwin : McGraw-Hill6. Philip A Wickham (1988) Strategic Entrepreneurship, London: Pitman Publishing4. According to the E-Myth Revisited.


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