My Girlfriend

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I am here to talk to you about how God works in mysterious ways. There are millions of ways how God works. But I am here to tell you about one and just one. The way God worked for me in a mysterious way was meeting my girlfriend. It all began when I was in New Jersey on vacation. I was living there for about two months till I decided to come back down to Miami. I was living with my mom at the time when I got back. My dad was dating my girlfriend’s mother. But I did not know she had a daughter. Actually she had three daughters and the oldest was twenty-five which she was a little to old for me. The youngest was four years old and the daughter I wanted to date was eighteen. When I found out that my dad’s girlfriend had three daughters and the eighteen year old was moving in I had to move in as well. She had a boyfriend at the time and their relationship was not doing well. So when he wasn’t around we would flirt, have pillow fights and we would make each other laugh and have a good time. We also would watch movies, I would take her out and we would have a good time. As weeks went by, we started to like each other more and more. The day came around when she wanted to break up with her boyfriend and tell him th Continue...

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When they ended up breaking up that day we were sitting at the lake I asked her out. So I went to the interview and they told me that they would call me back in about two to five days with their response. After applying for about two months I had about twenty interviews with banks but nobody wanted to hire me and I didn't know why. Since today we have been going out for about two years. So he was proud that I was going out with her. So they decided to push the pay up to 8. Two days later I receive a call from Cingular Wireless saying that I got the job as a sales representative starting pay 8. 82 so I took the job and it was also with commission. From the beginning I knew they were having problems, but I did not get in the way. One day out of nowhere Best Buy calls me saying I applied for a position as a sales rep. So I started applying for bank jobs, cell phone companies and even jobs with the government. When she told him about us I wanted her to feel good, so I took her to a lake that my dad had around the corner from his house and we sat down because it was a beautiful sight, with a full moon and the stars shining bright. I told her she would make me laughed, she makes me feel good when I am around her and she makes me feel like a better person.


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