personality developement

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Have you ever sat and thought to yourself why certain people act the way they do? Or why that one person you’re trying so hard to be nice to, just can’t help but act in that annoying manner you can’t stand? What exactly are these personal characteristics that make us who we are? When discussing personality, one wonders where personality comes from? What factors in our life help shape it, and how does it grow? The word personality from a psychological point of view can be defined as a person’s unique and relatively stable behavior patterns (Berger, 1994). The characteristics one continually and consistently displays over time defines who they are, thus defining or giving them their personality. Before getting into one of the many different theories of personality I think it is important to make mention of a few key terms and ideas. First, the concept of personality traits, which are the behavioral characteristics that are displayed in most situations. Traits are long lasting, enduring qualities that can be observed over time. An example of a personality trait would be describing someone as sensitive, creative, intelligent, or ignorant. A personality type, is a style of personality defined by a group of related tra Continue...

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It is said during this time a girl loves her father and competes with her mother for his attention!. When these goals are met it allow us to feel pride. However, according to Freud the girl identifies with her mother more gradually. The male child thus feels threatened by his father. The Ego - The ego can be described as the mediator between the id and the superego. He describes these stages as psychosexual stages of development, in that they are all motivated by some kind of urge for erotic pleasure. How one goes about resolving them or if they even get resolved helps in shaping ones personality. According to Freud, most behaviors involve these three systems working together. The ego is a system of thinking, planning, problem solving, and deciding. A self-concept is a person's perception of his or her own personality traits (Berger, 1994). It is said that during this stage individuals play out the roles that were developed in earlier stages of development. However the id is very ineffective in satisfying our needs. This individual may go through life expecting people to be good and trustworthy. For example, when one is hungry, instead of taking constructive steps to satisfy our needs, the id will allow us only to think about food.