Elderly abuse

             Michael Y, 52, lived in a small apartment with his mother, Sue, 75.
             Michael has been in a out of drug and alcohol treatment centers for years. Within the last six months he had exited treatment, found a job, and was doing quite well. Until he stopped coming home right after work. Sue knew her son was stopping at the corner bar because she could smell the fumes of alcohol coming off his breath whenever he would arrive. After two or three weeks of this behavior Sue finally confronted her son. Michael immediately became belligerent, verbally abusing her and coming after her with his fist clinched tight. Sue quickly fled to her neighbor’s apartment.
             Luckily the following scenario was fictional, however it does make it clear that elder abuse is a disturbing Reality in today’s society.
             Every year approximately 2.1 million elderly Americans are victims of physical, psychological, or other forms of abuse and or neglect. One might think that the majority of elder abuse occurs in the nursing home. However elderly abuse does not. Occasionally, there are shocking reports of nursing home residents who are mistreated by the staff. Such abuse does occur, but the majority of elderly abuse occurrences happen right at home. e great majority of older people live on their own, with spouses, children, siblings, or other relatives. When ever elder abuse happens, other household members or paid care givers are usually the primary abusers.
             There is no single pattern of elder abuse in the home, sometimes the abuse is a continuation of long standing patterns of abuse. Types of elderly abuse may include physical, sexual, or emotional abuse; neglect or financial exploitation. It is also possible that more than one type may be present in any given case or report. Just as there are many types of abuse , there are also numerous signs or symptoms that elder abuse may be taking place. Such symptoms include unusual or unexplained inj...

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