Audiences reaction to Hamlet

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How does Shakespeare influence the audience’s response to the character of Hamlet? There are many scenes within the play of Hamlet, which can alter the audience’s perception of the main character, Hamlet. So much of Hamlet is an attempt to deceive the audience; Hamlet’s madness, his ‘antic disposition’ is a prime example. Others include Act Three Scene one, where Hamlet is incredibly, brutally rude toward Ophelia, his alleged lover. This impression of Hamlet depicts a ghastly picture, one of tribulation and inclemency. Personally, I believe that the image portrayed by Shakespeare of Hamlet is one of aptitude for guile and justice. Many things during this complex play indicate that this is certainly the case. Hamlets plan with the Players is one of cunning and coyness; a play to damn his fathers killer. Although he is hell-bound on avenging his fathers death, this destructive rage within him is, nevertheless, overcome by his intelligence, forcing him to be sure himself of his fathers killer. This action shows us, the audience, of Hamlets mentality, and his overall mental predominance over his other acquaintances. Another scene tells the audience that Hamlet is also a man of justice, a willing to discover the t Continue...

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The audience is more likely to be put off Hamlet due to this outburst. He says wild and harebrained things during this time; '...Why, right, you are I'th' right. Hamlets first soliloquy is during Act one Scene two, is an essential part of the play. Shakespeare sends out many signals to the audience regarding Hamlet, and what they should perceive of Hamlets personality; cold, heartless, clever, warm, considerate, loving We have, within this play, scenes which depict all of these qualities. As far as warm and considerate is concerned, Hamlet confesses his love for Ophelia when he discovers she has drowned, and, though debatable, he reveals his secret to his mother, seemingly for her own welfare. These images all serve to highlight Hamlet's impressions of the society that the audience are only just forming theirs upon; therefore, leading to a bias towards the character of Hamlet Therefore, this soliloquy is successful in communicating the emotional state of Hamlet to the audience because it reveals the true nature of Hamlet's feelings; not only through the diction but also through the imagery, language and underlying messages of the text. Get thee to a nunnery...' At the time, this would have been an immense insult to any woman, implicitly calling her a liar, a 'breeder of sins'. They tell us many stories of him, and are a real challenge to unravel. ' It is here that we find out about Gertrude's innocence of any 'Foul Play' as she repeats Hamlets accusation.