Human population in the past 48 years has more than doubled its seize, from 2.5 billion in 1950 to 5.9 billion in 1998 . A few month ago the Secrtary of the United Nation declared a baby as the No. 6 billion citezen of the earth. As you may have noticed, human population has reached a size that threatened our environment and the sustainability of the earth. Is the earth bounded to face this number of human? In fact, in the human history, human population increased stably over centruies until the Industrial Revolution. Thereafter, human population began to grow exponentially over decades. Unless death rate rates rise sharply, world population may reach 8 billion by 2025, 10-11 billionby 2050, and 14 bilion by 2100 . To sustain that many of people, the environment has already paid off. Population has a great impact on the environment. Deforestation, agricultural activities, and enviromental pollution, are either entirly or partly caused by the impact of human population. In th!
             is reseach paper, I will look these impacts, and state some perspective of the ecologists to these problems.
             Agriculture is not a direct way of human impact on environment. But in order to feed the population, and with the advance of techology gained in the Industrial Revolution, human agricultural activities has far more harmful effect on environment than ever before.
             The expansion of agricultural land by cutting forest down wil lead to soil erosion. This will eventually reduce the sustainability of earth. Each year we must feed about 84 million more people with and estimated 24 billion metric tons(26 bilion tons) less topsoil, eroded as a result of human activities. The topsoil that washes and blows into the world¡¦s streams, lakes, and oceans each year woild fill a train of freight cars long enough to encircle the planet 150 times Many croplands that are now producing well be facing serious soil...

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