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Openness The United States is a country that was created by many different races of people. These very different people brought their language, beliefs, and values with them. In this new country these ideas were all combined to make what we know as today’s America. This could not have happened in an environment where openness wasn’t welcomed. Openness refers to the extent to which a system affects and is affected by outside factors and processes (Communication Mosaics; pg 186). Basically, people and society may change and adapt to different ideas and ways of life that they come in contact with. A good example of openness in our society is by exploring our English language. English contains words from languages all around the globe. Many words take their origins from Latin, German, and French languages. Some examples of words derived from Latin are ingredient, degree, congress, egress, and progress. Openness allows our language to add on new words all the time. A good example of this has been with the newly forming computer age. Such words as internet, modem, and floppy disk were never introduced until they became essential to describe a new object. In our textbook, Julia Wood states, “Communication is also effected by Continue...

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The United States, as a whole, has done a good job of this. A good example of a country not attaining to these rules would be China. As opposed to the views of America in the nineteen fifties, today's average person is far more open to differences in race, sex, and beliefs. It is important to remember that other factors, such as the search for homeostasis, play into the amount of openness that one culture has over another. I think that this quote sums up the necessity for openness in a society. As a country, the United States values its ability to be open. This is because in this form of communication, the ability to interact with a person on a personal level is highly valued. It is human nature to feel more comfortable when you feel accepted by the person you are talking to. This has caused uproar in many countries as elders worry that their culture will be lost due to the youth adapting to the American way of lifestyle. This proves that there are different degrees of openness in every culture. In the classroom, openness is a characteristic that I truly cherish. Today, homosexuality is generally accepted as being a normal part of our society. One group that has greatly benefited from the PC movement is homosexuals. I see myself picking up pieces of their style of communication. While it is human nature to not want things to change, time has a way of inevitably ruining that idea.


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