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             In the stories of “A & P” and the “Necklace,” the two major characters go though changes and experiences that make them mature before the story ends. Sammie from the story “A & P” changes form a sexist pig into a young man who feels that injustice had been done to three young girls. Mme. Loisel in the story “The Necklace” changed from a selfish woman who only cared about material possessions to a woman who realized how good a life she had before she cursed her self by wanting too much.
             In the beginning of the story “A & P,” Sammie judges the three young girls who walk into his store wearing only their bathing suits by looks alone. At one point, he even question if the girls had a brain or just a buzz like a bee in a jar. He would then go on to comment about each one of the girl’s bodies. Sammie even nicknamed them by the way he perceived them. For example, he noticed one of the girls walked in and around the store without noticing anyone looking at her. She never looked down at the floor or around to see who was starring, she continued to walk around with her head high, as she was a queen. For that reason, Sammie named her “queenie” and that the other two girls were just there followers.
             In the beginning of the story “The Necklace,” Mme. Loisel felt sorry for herself because of her family’s financial position and the fact that she did not own nay expense material items. Her husband worked hard to get her what she wanted but that still wasn’t enough. Mr. And Mme. Loisel where invited to a very prestigious ball but Mme. Loisel did not one to go because she did not have a new dress or an expenses piece of jewelry to wear. So her husband gives her his saving to buy a dress and she borrows a very expense looking necklace form a friend of hers. By the end

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