exploitation of women

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The International Volleyball Federation instituted that womens beach contestants must wear two- piece uniforms with bikini style bottoms no wider than 2.3 inches at the hip. In this society where a woman's cup size is more important than her mind, it is to me, no wonder that this ludicrous rule has been instituted upon female athletes. Just as women are breaking through in the sports world and redefining healthy lifestyles for women everywhere, they are exploited once again. Their bodies used to increase fan participation I assume. As soon as any progress is made, it seems something must be done to thwart it. I thought we, as a society, were approaching a new level of consciousness regarding respect of the female in our culture. However, this is simply another slap in the face to all the effort and dedication it took those female athletes to reach their goals. Sure, they can play the game but we want to take away the respect factor. We want to reduce them to pieces of flesh. We want little girls to think that if they want to be athletes they have to wear bikinis so they still seem feminine en Continue...

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These athletes are being used as sex objects. Dress sexy, but not too sexy, or you're asking for trouble. The idea that they are being forced to do this is evidence enough that it isn't right or just. " This is true but does that mean that females should wear bikinis because it's the standard that many other women conform to No, they are serious athletes and by making them wear these outfits it makes them look silly and rips away the respect they've worked so hard for. An interesting point is brought up here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliographynone- this is original thought babie!!!!!!!!!. Play sports, but look sexy while doing it. The Feminist movement occurred decades ago and one would think that some sort of progress would be achieved. What makes it even more upsetting is that this type of situation is expected. A quick question- how much can you really fit on a bikini This makes no sense to me at all. The blatancy of what is being done here is absolutely insulting. It's very disheartening for myself, and I assume, other females in our culture to hear about injustices of this nature. They, as lifeguards, perform strenuous activities just as the athletes on the beach partake in strenuous activities.


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