French declaration of rights of man vs the american bill of rights

             French Declaration of the Rights of Man vs. The American Bill of Rights
             The French Declaration of the Rights of Man's first difference from the American Bill of Rights is why they were written. The French document was written by a French assembly of representatives aimed at showing the problems of their government. The American Bill of Rights was aimed at changing the government to avoid the mistakes Britain made and to keep the government in check to avoid a trampling of these rights. The first similarity was where both documents pointed out the follies that can cause social uproar. However the American document showed this by using their case and the French showed this in a generalization of many cases.
             With both documents being focused on the same ideas a few of the articles compare the same things. For example the first article in both documents and the tenth and eleventh French articles point out that decisions should be made for the common good and not just one group of people. They also point out freedom of speech. The French eighth, sixth, seventh, are similar to the American fifth and eighth in that they both relate to fair trials and just treatment of prisoners. The twelfth French article and the Second amendment both involve having an army working for the people and not the government.
             The two documents also have some differences between the concepts because they were written with the American document based on one example and the French document being a generalization. The American document covers the construction of the government while the French sticks to just pointing out the problems of many governments. The American document also points out how certain items shall be handled such as needing a judge to issue a search warrant on probable cause while the French document only says there needs to be just cause.
             In conclusion these two documents are similar because they were both written in regard to social u...

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