Male Honor, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight

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Honor is something that is very much illustrated in the play of Henry IV. Analyzing honor in a play such as The First Part of Henry IV can be interesting, yet challenging. Honor is depicted in a variety of ways. To have honor is described by holding such qualities as being loyal, brave, and honest. Shakespeare seemed to prefer someone who had honor in his or her lives. I believe Shakespeare showed this because he wrote more about characters that perceived honor in their lives. Honor functioned in a variety of different ways in The First Part of Henry IV. Someone who showed great honor in Henry IV was Hotspur Henry Percy. Hotspur, in this play, does what he is required to be doing, while showing he has a purpose for his actions. Hotspur i Continue...

He hung out with the guys in the tavern. For example, "And if the devil come and roar for them I will not send them Hotspur replies referring to his prisoners. The prince states "Thou judgest false already; when being accused of hanging in tavern "I mean thou shalt have the hanging of the thieves and so become a rare hangmen. Hotspur states his fury when he is instructed by the king to give up his prisoners. He was sent by the king, Henry IV, and then was captured by the Welsh. Although, the prince was hanging in the tavern with alternative motives. The Hotspur and Mortimer had honor. Hotspur depicts the quality of showing honor several times during the play. The prince could be perceived as someone without much honor. Hotspur showed that his bravery is greater than his fear of death. On the other hand the prince was showing his lack of honor by using his scheme to better himself. Honor, in the play was mainly justified as loyalty to the king and family. ------------------------------------------------------------------------Bibliography. The prince denied having other reasons for his actions.