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The Future

The video titled “The Future” presented to us in class was interesting to watch. AT&T certainly had some far-fetched Ideas. I believe that most of this technology may become a reality in the future. I don’t think that a “CIA” will be a reality. That would entail a lot of programming and computer voice learning. Granted there are voice synthesizers, but how would you get a computer to recognize all speech patterns or words? I don’t know, maybe it is possible. Some of the items shown have already been invented, like the videophone. One class member seemed to think that the videophones on airplanes would never be a reality. I tend to disagree because this is possible with satellite technology that we already have, and I don’t see why you could not have them on an airplane. There are already cell phones with cameras or video cameras. So there is another technology that has been invented already. Overall, if the ideas have already been thought of, it will probably become a reality in the future. When the Dad in the video was looking at the building his company wanted to build in place of an old building before him, he seemed a bit worried. The “computer viewer” He had was a handy little tool for him. It could generate different stages of the buildings structure, or show the current building on the site they were planning to build on. It also had video conferencing availability. He used a “video card” to present to his boss to try and save the building. Fortunately the building was saved after the Director talked his boss into viewing the “video card”. These were two of the technologies that I saw the Dad use in his daily life, the “Computer Viewer” and the “Video Card”. I made up these names for these two items because I did not remember what they were called in the video. He certainly did not seem very comfortable with a lot of these gizmos and gadgets. ...

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